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Law Students for Black Lives (LS4BL) was founded in June of 2020 in response to the state-sanctioned violence against Black people in America--violence that has insidiously worked to keep us in bondage since the nation's inception. LS4BL implements principles of community-based activism, human rights, and wellness as praxes for change.


Our mission is to eradicate racial disparities in America’s legal system, amplify Black voices, and empower all communities in the fight to eliminate institutional and systemic racism in American society.


Law Students For Black Lives envisions a society that is free from all forms of racism—with a focus on the eradication of racial discrimination in America's policing and criminal legal systems.



We affirm that white supremacy and anti-Blackness perpetuate violence against and deeply harm the Black community. We work to dismantle and replace these tools of oppression with principles of anti-racism, racial justice, and equality.



We acknowledge that the overlap of various identities creates systemic forms of oppression and privilege that are extremely complex. We embrace this complexity and respond by centering low-income Black people and those who are most impacted by the effects of institutional and systemic racism.


We commit to collaborating with groups in the racial equality movement. We recognize the privilege we have as law students and are committed to using that privilege to the benefit of organizations and individuals that are most impacted by systemic barriers to racial justice.

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